I have a 500GB external hard drive that contains an extensive collection of jazz and soul music, cartoons and books for Kindle that I have been collecting over the last 3 years or so. The hard drive crashed about 3 months ago, and I decided to get the data recovered, rather than spend another 3 years collecting all over again.

Anywhere you ask in Nairobi, everyone refers you to East African Data Handlers. They have built a name from aggressive advertising in print, and on radio. On calling, I was told that for the hard drive, they charge a consultation fee of KES 2, 900. This fee is to for them to check and see if they can recover the data, then tell you how much it will cost to actually do the recovery. I found that price a bit steep and put out a request on Twitter

I got no response. The only good lead turned out to be….East African Data Handlers. 🙂

I did a quick Google search and turned up the following:

  1. Apawin Technologies: They charge a consultation fee of KES 1,500 and recovery fee of KES 500 per hour. I thought they sounded reasonable in pricing, but there was something about them that kind of put me off. I don’t know whether it’s the location (Tom Mboya street) or the bloke I spoke to.
  2. Compfix Data: Consultation fee of KES 2,320 and seem to have a pretty solid list of clients that includes the Central Bank, Eveready, Kenya Red Cross and Old Mutual. They are based at International Life House.

Interesting to note that 3 of the top 10 results from my search are EADH.

I am inclined to go with Apawin or Compfix, but they have one disadvantage to EADH, they are based in town, the do not pick up and deliver, and they do not take cheques.

I’ll make a foray into town over the weekend and drop off the hard drive. Update on the recovery costs and quality once done.