1. Silicon Valley’s Start-Up Machine Graham knew that he had his own biases. “I can be tricked by anyone who looks like Mark Zuckerberg. There was a guy once who we funded who was terrible. I said: ‘How could he be bad? He looks like Zuckerberg!’ ”

  2. Show Up Do you want to know the difference between the folks who are constantly creating new things, selling their ideas as products and making money doing what they want to be doing… and everyone else? 

  3. The Real Origins of Tumblr Karp wasn’t the first person to create a tumblelog, the term used to describe the stripped-down blogging and content curation he has become known for. He wasn’t even the second.The true origin of Tumblr involves a German and an American, hundreds of lines of code, and their common desire to change the way we think about blogging.