I spend a lot of time reading things online, and it’s always a delight to find storytelling that is worth a story in itself. Take a look at these 5 projects and enjoy:

  1. The Mercenary: Part of Epic True Stories series.
  2. Snowfall: This New York Times story was on everyone’s lips when it was released in 2012. It garnered 3M views in 10 days.
  3. NSA: Decoded – What The Revelations Mean for You – The Guardian. If you read only one story of these four, let it be this one, not just for the gravity of its content, but also the beauty of its delivery.
  4. The Serengeti Lion by National Geographic.
  5. Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: The World Behind a Simple T-Shirt – I first came across this story by NPR on their Planet Money podcast, which I quite enjoy.